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Transparent structures - the driver of architectural thought

Modern translucent structures has become an important tool for architects, actually changing the face of the urban environment. Without exaggeration, the glass can be called - the basic building blocks of the new millennium. And by properly selected glazing technology it depends on how comfortable for a person to be living and working environment, as well as how long it will be and whether the object will be proud of its sculptor.

In recent years, Russian window companies increasingly cooperate closely with the architectural bureau. This results in a stream of new solutions, which is reflected in the results of the first season only Russian Prize industry translucent constructions "Window Company of the Year» Innovative products, system solutions, innovative approaches in the glazing - this category aim to identify the most striking developments of the market and the SEC to give new tools to the architectural community.

Glazing - the face of the modern facade

Trends in the architecture of the 21st century contributed to the fact that the popular expression "windows - eyes at home" replaces "glazing - the face of the facade." Glass buildings are increasingly coming out of his architects drawing pen and make unique Russian cities. To a large extent contribute to this innovative window technologies, which are becoming more and more every year. Panoramic windows, windows with a minimum thickness of the profile, glass walls, sliding design - all the most popular features of modern facade.

On the other hand, the fashion for large-size glazing challenged the SEC market, because it must be not only aesthetic, but also functional, energy-efficient, friendly nature of the facades. And here, as it turned out, in practice, it is not so simple. The first glazed office buildings were not quite ready "to eat", which gave rise to "unhealthy building syndrome". Spending most of their time at work, employees began to experience discomfort rather than on the load, but on the unhealthy climate.

This fact has interested scientists who discovered a direct correlation between indoor climate and the state of people's health. As it turned out, the cause of many diseases and poor health is specifically incorrect selected and installed windows. And this is true not only with regard to commercial and residential buildings.

Spreading window opening from floor to ceiling

Panoramic windows has several essential qualities - great views of the landscape and admits a maximum of light into the building. This owe their existence to the glass walls or windows from floor to ceiling. From the point of view of service and safety, the most promising in the world market sliding door recognized. Russia is not an exception.

New from the company's "Windows of Comfort" - panoramic sliding doors VEKASLIDE - was unanimously elected leader of the category "Product of the Year 2015". On the jury was impressed by not only the unique technical and functional features of their consumer properties, but also the marketability and profitability.

The design features a lifting and sliding mechanism with high Burglar, a high level of heat and waterproofing, light transmission and aesthetics. VEKASLIDE Profile system allows to produce PVC doors quite large - up to a width of 6 meters and a height of up to 3 meters, provides a combination of mobile and fixed shutters. Due to the special configuration of the threshold and innovative accessories, such control becomes a process of massive doors completely comfortable and safe.

Sliding system also positively affect the interior design as flap, which is mounted parallel to the wall, in the open state does not take place in the room. This means that practically all of the useful area can be used to the maximum. A glazed movable wall acts as a living carpet, erasing the boundary between nature and architecture.

Panoramic sliding doors VEKASLIDE recognized experts and users the best offer for individual and custom interiors in private housing construction. It is important that an element of modern architecture always looks presentable, can be adapted to any design style, without losing its functionality.

Drivers architectural thought gather on one platform

The light transmission, sound insulation, ventilation, thermal comfort - 80% for energy efficiency and climate in homes, for the appearance of Russian cities meet the windows and the domestic industry of translucent structures. Only through close collaboration between architects and manufacturers SEC can appear outwardly unique, cost-effective and internally "healthy" building in Russia.

The first and only for the domestic market platform uniting architects and developers, manufacturers and suppliers of glass, has become the industry award translucent structures, founded by independent portal The second season of the competition "Company of the Year Window" promises to be even more intense and creative, as many market players have already gained experience and have the confidence that their unique products will not go unnoticed for the target audience.

The agreements reached in the framework of last year's event have already borne fruit, becoming the driver window and architectural thought. Award organizers are confident that the symbiosis of these two important components of modern architecture opens a new milestone in the history of the SEC market, allowing to deal with faceless glazing and win a misconception that all the same window.

Presentation of prizes to the winners of the second season will be held in the autumn of 2017.

Contest Rules, conditions of nomination and the form of application presented on the official website of the Awards

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GUR events ССР

Within two days, on November 26 and 27, 2018, in the city of Gus-Khrustalny, an International Seminar “Modern Production of Form Packages” was held.
 Topics of the seminar: "Production and operation of mold sets in the realities of our time."

In the first decade of November 2018, the annual meeting of the Union of Participants in the Consumer Market (hereinafter the SUPR) was held in Moscow. The meeting was attended by the leaders of EurAsEC, Reliance Russia, the Federal Industry Associations, major food producers.

At the end of October 2018, an expert meeting was held in the Government of the Russian Federation. The “National project“ International cooperation and export ”: the achievement of national development goals” was discussed.

In the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation (hereinafter the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation), Osipov Viktor Ivanovich President of the Association StekloSouz of Russia and Kurochkin Dmitry Nikolaevich Vice-President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation held a working meeting.  >>

The StekloSouz of Russia (hereinafter SSR) held a joint meeting with the leadership of the Administration of the Kostroma region. Osipov Viktor Ivanovich - President of the Association, heads of departments and services took part in the meeting, on behalf of the Administration Makov Yuri Veniaminovich - Deputy Governor of the Kostroma Region.

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