China has developed a glassy material that is 1.5 times stronger than diamond

China has developed a glassy material that is 1.5 times stronger than diamond

Chinese researchers have succeeded in developing the most durable and hard glassy material.

According to with reference to the National Science Review, scientists from Yanshan University named the new development AM - III. The material has mechanical and electronic properties, it can also be used in solar panels, as it is highly durable and wear-resistant.

The hardness of the material reaches 113 gigapascals, while for natural diamond this indicator varies from 50 to 70 points.

“Therefore, our measurements show that the AM-III material is comparable in strength to diamond and outperforms other known tough materials,” the scientists emphasized.

Experts noted that in diamonds the internal structure of atoms and molecules forms high strength and hardness, and the new material consists of a combination of order and disorder of its molecules, due to this strange properties are created.

To achieve such properties, specialists crushed fullerenes and applied high temperatures and pressures for twelve hours. After the same amount of time it took to cool.


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