Organizer: Association United National Council of the glass industry enterprises "StekloSouz" of Russia

Date: October 31, 2019
Location:Russia, Moscow, Izmailovskoe shosse, house 71, building 4 G-D. Hotel "Izmailovo" ("Gamma", "Delta"), Conference Hall "Smolensk 1+2" . (metro station Partizanskaya)

The task of the Forum "Glass and modern technologies - XXI": Analysis of the current state and prospects for the growth of the glass industry until 2025. Development of consumption and production. Issues of training.



October 31-TH



- Plenary sessions with the participation of deputies of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, heads of relevant ministries and departments.

- The development of consumption and production of glass products in Russia and abroad are a prerequisite for solving a whole complex of socio-economic problems.

- The glass industry can and should play a more significant role in the development of the Russian economy, which is especially important in the modern economically unsafe world, in the challenges facing Russia.

- To unlock the potential of the world of glass science, engineering within the framework of government-business partnership, it is necessary to systematically improve the management model of the industry's economy: regulate the scope of the glass industry.


Theme: "Increasing the effectiveness of glass making: machines, equipment, control systems, raw materials, refractories, furnaces. Production: float glass, glass packaging, foam glass. Industrial processing of sheet glass. Ecology."

  • Growing demands for glass products.
  • Automation of glass production and industrial processing.
  • Sectional machines. Integrated solutions.
  • Production control. Means and methods of quality control. Marking
  • Glass melting furnaces. Annealing furnaces. Modern glass melting furnaces. Features of design solutions. Design. Building. Examination of construction projects.
  • What affects the life cycle of glass furnaces. Planning.
  • Glass melting technology and terminal operations.
  • Problems in the formation and annealing of glass. Equipment.
  • Components for production. ZIPS.
  • Glass melting methods to reduce the melting point of glass. Physicochemical properties. Materials Technology.
  • The solution of problematic issues in the formation of glass melt. Methods Analyzes and identification.
  • Energy.
  • Refractories.
  • Raw material The effect of raw materials on the glassmaking process and glass quality. Consideration of the properties of raw materials in the process of production of the charge.
  • Recycling: separate collection of cullet; cullet processing technologies; machines, equipment, software. Logistics.
  • New compositions and properties of glass. Dyes.
  • Multifunctional glass.
  • Technical glass. Frit.
  • Quartz glass.
  • Borosilicate glass.
  • Thermal insulation materials based on glass. Foam glass.
  • Fiberglass materials.
  • Technology packaging glass and products. Control.
  • Efficiency of technological processes.
  • Export: requirements, certification features, codes. Logistics.
  • Rail, road, water transportation.
  • Ensuring industrial safety. Legal aspects of improving security.
  • Analysis of Russian and European technical regulation systems.
  • New rules for the regulation of foreign trade in the EurAsEC.
  • Ecology. Current issues of environmental safety requirements.
  • The development of rulemaking.
  • Test methods and certification.
  • Counterfeit, ways of opposition.
  • The science. The system of management of intellectual property: trademarks, inventions.
  • Digital economy. Lobby.


Osipov Victor Ivanovich,

President of the Association of the StekloSouz of Russia, Moscow.Greetings to the Forum participants.

Theme of the report: "The current state and development goals of the glass industry."

Chapov Maxim Anatolyevich,

project manager for the support of the export of consumer goods of JSC Russian Export Center (REC), Moscow.

Theme of the report: Financial and non-financial measures to support the Russian Export Center Group for representatives of the glass industry.

Makarov Sergey Viktorovich,

Director of Business Development, LLC Intellectuals, Moscow.

Theme of the report: Digital transformation of an industrial enterprise based on the SAP / 4 HANA platform.

Mikhailov Vladimir Nikolaevich,

Leading Researcher, JSC NIIPT RASTR,Veliky Novgorod.

Theme of the report: High-temperature television systems of a new generation of NIIPT RASTER JSC for glass melting furnaces.

Zmanovsky Vladimir Mikhailovich,

Development Director of Sibir Telematics LLC, Novosibirsk

Theme of the report: Digitalization of the production process - a tool for increasing the efficiency of the enterprise at the expense of internal resources. Experience of the plant Siberian Glass LLC (JSC Ekran Plant).

Fred Vogler,

representative of VMA GmbH, Germany.

Theme of the report: "Wall Thickness measurement! Problems in the Glass industry and the solution of the VMA."

Lotsmanov Andrei Nikolaevich,

First Deputy Chairman of the Committee of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, Chairman of the Council for Technical Regulation and Standardization under the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia, Moscow.

Theme of the report: "Improving the system of technical regulation."

Tsareva Marina Vladimirovna,

head of the spectroscopy department of OPTEC LLC (OPTEC ZEISS GROUP), Germany.

Theme of the report: "Spectrometric methods for controlling thin-film coatings."

Kravtsov Alexey Vladimirovich,

Chairman of the Moscow Arbitration Court of Arbitration, Head of the Department of the Law Faculty of the RSAIS, Member of the Public Scientific Council of the Federal Bailiff Service of the Russian Federation (2014-2019), Moscow.

Theme of the report: Judicial practice of collecting debts in arbitration courts in the sphere of the circulation of industrial products in Russia and with foreign contractors.

Ekaterina Firsova,

Executive Director / Glass Plant Technology HORN Glass Industries AG, Germany.

Theme of the report: Presentation of the company HORN Glass Industries AG (RUS).

Serebryansky Dmitry Aleksandrovich,

Head of the gas purification laboratory of NTC Bakor, LLC, Moscow, Shcherbinka.

Theme of the report: "High-temperature gas purification in ceramic filters."

Tsareva Nina Pavlovna,

Chairman of the Presidium of the Saratov Specialized College of Lawyers (SSKA), Saratov.

Theme of the report: Legal support in case of conflict of interests in tax legislation.

Bannikov Vladimir Alekseevich,

Chairman of the Committee on Intellectual Property of the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Moscow.

Theme of the report: "Foreign certification and protection of intellectual property."

14:00-18:00 - EVENING PLENARY SESSION13:00-14:00 - Lunch break

SECTION 1. "Glass packaging: production, technology, standards."

Key sections:

  • Production of glass containers.
  • Lightweight glass packaging. Requirements.
  • Medical, laboratory chemistry, heat-resistant glass.
  • Crystal. Varietal dishes. Perfume glass.
  • Decoration and exclusive production. Materials
  • Equipment for the production of glass containers: technological; heat engineering; mechanical; inspection; equipment for glass processing; general engineering (auxiliary) equipment; spare parts for glass forming and auxiliary equipment.
  • Production of form kits: special materials; innovations in the manufacture of molds and spare parts; materials and equipment for the repair of mold parts.
  • Countering counterfeit. Mandatory labeling.
  • Standards. Normative base.
  • Interaction with the Interstate Technical Committee 074 "Glass containers and utensils".
  • The effect of glass packaging on food and beverage quality.
  • Problem issues in the existing training system.


Minko Nina Ivanovna,

Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor of BSTU named after V.G.Shukhov, Belgorod.

Theme of the report: "The role of water in glass technology."

Clegg Dmitry Yuryevich,

General Director of Krasnoe Ekho LLC, Gus-Khrustalny.

Theme of the report: "Form kits".

Kosinov Igor Gennadievich,

General Director of Podolsk Refractories JSC Moscow, Shcherbinka.

Theme of the report: Presentation of the Company JSC Podolsk Refractories .

Ibragimov Rustam Minikhairovich,

director of LLC Insurance Company Saratovteplomontazh, Saratov.

Theme of the report: New methods for hot repairs of glass melting furnaces and overalls used for hot repairs of glass melting furnaces.

Kharyushin Alexander Yuryevich,

Atlas Copco Vacuum Solutions Expert, Belgium.

Theme of the report: "Vacuum as a resource in the production of container glass."

Gomon Anton Alekseevich,

Technical Manager of Messer Eutectic Castolin LLC, Moscow. (Messer Eutectic Castolin, Germany).

Theme of the report: Equipment and materials for surfacing of mold sets.

Konovalova Lyudmila Dmitrievna,

Senior Lecturer, Department of "Glass and Glass", Russian Chemical-Technological University (RCTU) named after D.I. Mendeleev, Moscow

Theme of the report: "Technological features of the use of increased amounts of cullet when cooking glass.

Tulinov Vyacheslav Vitalievich,

Director of Eco Sphere LLC, Kamensk-Shakhtinsky.

Theme of the report: "Actual issues of procurement and supply of cullet for the glass industry."

Maslyakov Roman Aleksandrovich,

Head of Materials and Energy, Air Liquide Rus, Moscow.

Theme of the report: Oxygen enrichment of a glass melting furnace to maintain or increase productivity.

Dzyuzer Vladimir Yakovlevich,

Head of the Department of OASP Federal State Autonomous Educational Institution of Higher Education UrFU named after First President of Russia B.N. Yeltsin ", Ekaterinburg.

Theme of the report: Thermotechnical fundamentals of high-performance glass melting.

Samokhin Viktor Ivanovich,

Candidate of Engineering Sciences Associate Professor, NRU MIET, Corresponding Member, Professor. Technical Director of Clean Energy-KEM Group LLC, Moscow.

Theme of the report: A set of measures for energy conservation in the field of glassmaking.

Zozulya Yuri Gennadievich,

Key Account Manager, Glass Service, a.s., Czech Republic.

Theme of the report: Presentation of the Glass Service Czech Republic Group of Companies.

Khokhlov Andrey Vladimirovich,

chief specialist of the information and analytical department of the All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Mineral Raw Materials named after N.M. Fedorovsky (VIMS), Moscow.

Theme of the report: "Mineral and raw material base of glass raw materials: state and prospects."

Kharlamov Alexander Alexandrovich,

project manager - ALEEVSKOE deposit, GlobalTrans LLC, Moscow Region, Vidnoye.

Theme of the report: Presentation of the ALEEVSKOE deposit.

Onishchuk Victor Ivanovich,

Doctor of Technical Sciences Professor BSTU them. V.G.Shukhov, Belgorod.

Theme of the report: "The main problems of training for the glass industry."

Perevozchikov Andrey Valerievich,

Commercial Director, Deperschmidt Handelsagentur, Germany.

Theme of the report: Export of glass containers to Germany, Belgium, Poland, Romania. The only company with sales departments in Germany, Poland and Russia.

Petrov Nikita Alekseevich,

Head of the Innovation Development Department, Production Plant named after Shaumyan LLC, St. Petersburg.

Theme of the report: "The use of the lubricating composition CHANCE in hot forms of a glass-forming machine."

Key sections:SECTION 2. The use of glass in construction. Industrial processing of flat glass, technology, equipment, components and materials ".

  • Modern window design market. Requirements and prospects.
  • Organization of industry-wide interaction between flat glass producers and industrial processing enterprises.
  • The use of fireproof glass in construction.
  • Use of safety glass in construction.
  • Prospects for expanding the volume of application in the industrial processing of high-tech types of sheet glass: extra-transparent glass, high-strength heat-resistant glass (high-aluminate and borosilicate), glass with "hard" coatings.
  • The prospects for the float glass market, taking into account the commissioning of new capacities and a drop in consumption volumes due to a slowdown in construction.
  • Application of innovative types of glass: smart glass, electrochromic glass with adjustable light transmission, electrically heated glass, glass with ceramic printing, etc.
  • Prospects for the market of energy-saving glass. Changes No. 1 to the Code of Rules SP 50.13330.2012 "Thermal Protection of Buildings" in terms of increasing energy efficiency requirements for enclosing structures, including translucent structures. "
  • The use of foam glass in construction.
  • New features of glass as a building material and the expansion of areas and volumes of its application in construction.
  • Organization of complex system interaction between manufacturers of materials, products and structures based on glass with architects, designers and builders.
  • Improving the regulatory and legal framework for the use of glass in construction. Influence on the industry of the newly developed and recently updated Code of Rules and GOST.
  • Interaction with technical committees on standardization: TC 41 "Glass"; TC 144 "Building materials (products) and structures" and TC 465 "Construction".
  • Equipment, technologies, components and materials for the industrial processing of flat glass.
  • Modern glass mounting technology and equipment. Effective and safe application in construction.


Rusin Sergey Leonidovich,

General Director of the Union of manufacturers of polymer profiles for translucent structures (SPPP)

Theme of the report: The Main Results of the development of the window market of Russia in 2019. Prospects."

Batu Toktas,

Head of Sales and Marketing, OLBRICHT Automation GmbH, Germany, Hamminkeln-Brunen.

Theme of the report: Automated lay-up in clean room for custom size laminated glasses.

Konstantin Anatolyevich Nagdasev,

Development Director, Thermo Glass LLC, Moscow.

Theme of the report: Translucent structures based on electrically heated glass and triplex. Areas of use. Solutions. Prospects. "

Spiridonov Alexander Vladimirovich,

Chief Researcher, Head of the Laboratory "Energy-Saving Technologies in Construction" NIISF RAASN, Moscow.

Theme of the report: Basic requirements for modern translucent structures: energy saving, dynamism, safety.

Baralaychuk Victor Georgievich,

Director General, FER Center, Moscow

Theme of the report: The use of models of the DDA Center from the electronic Album of technical solutions in the design of translucent fire structures.

Chesnokov Alexander Georgievich,

Head of the Standardization and Testing Department Institute of Glass OJSC, Moscow.

Theme of the report: The consequences of non-compliance with GOST requirements in the design, manufacture and installation of translucent structures.

Danilov Alexey Borisovich,

project manager of Avangard LLC, Moscow.

Theme of the report: "Problematic issues of the regulatory framework for special-purpose glasses."

Okulov Andrey Yuryevich,

Head of the Technical Department of VEKA Rus LLC, Moscow

Theme of the report: Evolution of windows from pvc profile.

Vlasova Tatyana Vladimirovna,

Director of the Center for Certification of Window and Door Equipment, Head of Subcommittee PC 24 of the Technical Committee for Standardization TC 465 Construction,Moscow.

Theme of the report: Development by the Subcommittee of PC 24 Windows, Doors, Gates and Components for them TC 465 Construction of normative documents on window subjects. Results of work for 2019 Plans for 2020. "

Serov Oleg Nikolaevich,

Senior Specialist of Privat Glass JSC, Moscow.

Theme of the report: New trends in the development of technology of glass with variable transparency of Privat Glass JSC.

Polikakhin Mikhail Viktorovich,

Customer Relations Specialist, Tekknou JSCSaint Petersburg.

Theme of the report: Use of equipment of TEKKNOU JSC at the enterprises of the glass industry. Modern technological solutions for enterprises.

Glukhov Alexey Vladimirovich,

Deputy General Director for Development LLC "CHAPTER SORBENT", Yaroslavl.

Theme of the report: "A new generation of molecular sieves for double-glazed windows."

Ryanov Aleksey Yuryevich,

Director, Karat Firm, Nizhny Novgorod.

Theme of the report: Presentation of the products of the Karat Company. Problems of manufacturers of sheet glass processing equipment. Entering international markets.

Tikachev Alexander Vasilievich,

representative of TPK Beltimpeks, Moscow.

Theme of the report: Beltimpex - a supplier of components for conveyor equipment for glass industry enterprises: opportunities (assortment, warehouse), solutions, service and market news.

Lazareva Elena Aleksandrovna,

Head of the Department of Architecture and Design, South Russian State Polytechnic University (NPI) named after M.I.Platova, Novocherkassk.

Theme of the report: Heat-resistant ceramic materials for nichrome alloys using natural and man-made materials.

Bellustina Maria Vladimirovna,

Commercial Director of Promtexexport LLC, Moscow.

Theme of the report: "The use of technical materials of the glass industry."

"We will discuss together: How to stimulate the growth of innovative products in glass production? How to develop import substitution, understanding national security as it is? How can state structures of government make effective financial support, including exporters? Is it sufficient for the authorized authorities to support the glass Are the current laws able to stimulate at present? Are the interest rates set by the Bank of Russia for the development of industry effective? Monopolies - is it a boon or a "hammer" of the economy? What prevents the development of the use of new types of glass and products in various industries? Creation of conditions for the organization of personnel training for glass enterprises with the participation of federal power structures, the StekloSoyuz of Russia, managers of factories, educational institutions. "
18:00-18:30 - Round table. Making decisions.

Actual topics:

1. Education-Training: Advantages of modern educational and technological clusters.
2. Production and technical standardization.
3. Power engineering. Protection of the environment.
4. Finding solutions for financial recovery.
5. Anti-counterfeiting.
6. Legal aspects that hinder the innovative development of plants: machinery, equipment, raw materials.

7. The impact of national standards on the development of the industry. Status of the current legislation.



18:30 Solemn ceremony: issuing certificates to new members of the Association, awarding

winners of the International competition Leader of the glass industry - 2019.

19:00 Friendly dinner on the occasion of the Worker of the glass industry.

Admission by invitation.

To participate in the Conference should send the completed application to the Organizing Committee by e-mail:; .: +7(495)963- 67- 36, +7(495)411-68-40.

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