Program of activity





Name of events Deadlines
1 . Organizational work
1.1 Attracting new members to the Association. constantly
1.2 Carrying out activities to pay membership fees. constantly
1.3 Prepare a presentation to the best workers in the glass industry for government awards. constantly
1.4 To nominate to the industry awards "Orders of Merit for the Glass Industry of Russia, first, second and third degree", "Honored Worker of the Glass Industry" of Russia, with the presentation of a numbered Certificate, order and medal. annually, based on personal contribution
1.5 Continue the practice of encouraging enterprises and specialists for good work with the presentation of honorary industry certificates and diplomas. constantly
1.6 Continue the practice of corporate control using the Industry Code. constantly
1.7 To approve the composition of the members of the Supervisory Board. annually
1.8 Continue the work of the members of the Arbitration Court. constantly
1.9 To approve the composition of the members of the Arbitration Court for 2020. 1st quarter of 2020
1.10 Providing assistance to members of the Union in technological re-equipment, acquisition of licenses, new technologies. constantly
1.11 Correction of the data bank of the technical condition of enterprises, in accordance with the sectoral energy program. constantly
1.12 Improving the work of the Anti-Crisis Headquarters. constantly
1.13 Collection of data on the repair of equipment that has passed the warranty period. constantly
2.Structural work
2.1 Working with sectoral self-regulatory organizations in the framework of Law No. 315 dated 01.12.07. constantly
2.2 Create a digital technology department 1st quarter of 2020
2.3 Create a recycling department 2st quarter of 2020
2.4 Create a Representative Office of the Association in the Siberian and Far Eastern Federal District. 1st quarter of 2020
2.5 Create a Logistics Committee. 2st quarter of 2020
2.6 Create an investment policy department. 2st quarter of 2020
2.7 Create a department for energy efficient technologies. 2st quarter of 2020
2.8 Systematic work on the provision of Services to industry enterprises:

• legal;

• preparation of feasibility studies, marketing services, expertise and technical support of projects, etc .;

• supply of raw materials, provision of quality service, etc .;

• control over the quality of product supplies to factories;

• control over the quality of service: examination of design estimates, etc .;

• introduction of energy saving technologies.

• training and retraining of personnel.

2.9 Development of industry voluntary certification. constantly
2.10 Activities of working groups under the ES of the FAS RF on glass containers and non-ore materials. constantly
2.11 Work in the State Duma and the Expert Council of the FAS Russia. constantly
2.12 Organization of the work of the Working Groups

- flat glass and industrial processing;

- quartz glass;

- foam glass;

- glass containers and high-quality dishes;

- lighting glass;

- raw materials;

- fiberglass in the Coordination and Expert Council of the Russian StekloSouz Association in accordance with the approved plans.

3. Legislative work
3.1 Working with government agencies. constantly
3.2 The StekloSouz Association of Russia to prepare and send, together with the members of the Coordinating Council, proposals for the program for the implementation of the "Strategy for the development and industry of building materials and industrial housing construction." and the Strategy for the Development of the Construction Complex of the Russian Federation:

prepare and submit a bill on the approach of city-forming enterprises to the SEZ;

accelerate the VAT refund on export supplies up to 10 days;

industrial development is a priority;

increase customs duties on imported products that are successfully produced by domestic enterprises;

protection of the domestic glass industry from absorption by foreign capital;

reduction of tax rates on VAT, UST, income tax, payroll taxes;

government incentives for enterprises implementing innovative technologies, incl. conservation of energy resources and environmental protection;

amend the Federal Law on the liability of enterprises for companies that evade VAT payment;

requirements for the Government to apply European bank interest rates on loans granted to enterprises implementing new technologies, acquiring licenses for the ongoing replacement of new generation equipment;

transport tax to include in the cost of fuels and lubricants, revise the procedure for determining liability for axle loads;
tax exemption financial resources of enterprises aimed at training personnel and trainees in educational institutions;

create regional clusters for training industry specialists;

restore the income tax benefit in terms of 100% compensation for the costs of modernization and expansion of production;

to exempt newly introduced domestic equipment from property tax for 3 (three) years; make changes to the joint venture "On fire safety";

to amend the joint venture "On thermal protection of buildings and structures";

make changes to the Federal Law, in terms of mandatory glazing of balconies, incl. replacement of windows and glazing of balconies during major repairs;

achieve the introduction of quotas for domestic glass products in the Russian Federation.

To complete work on the preparation of the joint venture "Arrangements of sun-protection buildings. Design rules".

2020 year
3.3 Prepare a proposal for amending the legislation on intermediary firms. 2020 year
3.4 Proposals in Labor Legislation:

• responsibility for causing harm to the "employer" for damage to equipment, theft, etc .;

• to increase the testing period for engineering and technical personnel up to one year, working specialties up to 6 months;

• personal responsibility of the employee for violation of safety rules.

2020 year
3.5 Work in the working group of the Supranational Council on the preparation of the draft Federal Law "On the safety of alcoholic beverages", "On food safety", "On the safety of buildings and structures", etc. before adoption
3.6 Continue work in the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of Russia on preferential taxation of the city-forming enterprises of the glass industry. 2020 year
3.7 Together with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, to submit to the Government proposals to change the current tariff regulation and to prohibit the restriction of energy supplies to glass factories ("technological reservation"). 2020 year
3.8 Continue work on the draft law to give the city-forming enterprise the status of a special economic zone. 2020 year
3.9 Work in the Expert Council of the State Duma of the Russian Federation. constantly
3.10 Work in the working group of the State Duma of the Russian Federation on the preparation of amendments to the Federal Law "On packaging and packaging waste". before the implementation of the Government Decree
3.11 To achieve amendments to the current legislation, to prohibit for budgets of all levels, to acquire imported property, including the use in the construction or overhaul of facilities, the use of windows, transparent structures and other imported building materials that have analogues of domestic production. 2020 year
3.12 Amendments to the current legislation to prohibit the disposal of cullet at landfills and the implementation of the Federal Law "On separate collection" 2020 year
3.13 To achieve the implementation of the Government Decree No. 9 dated January 15, 2017. before adoption
4. Technical regulation
4.1 To achieve the adoption of proposals in the draft of the Supranational Law "FZ TR" On the safety of alcoholic products "," On food safety ", etc. 2020 year
4.2 Continuation of work with the Supranational Council on the draft Federal Law TR "On the safety of glass and glass products for buildings and structures". 2020 year
4.3 Work in the Expert group of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation on technical regulation, NTS. constantly
4.4 Submit proposals to the Federal Law of the TR "On state regulation of the production and circulation of ethyl alcohol, alcoholic and alcohol-containing products." before adoption
4.5 Working with the Government Commission of the Russian Federation to combat excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages. constantly
4.6 Develop and approve modern GOST standards for enriched quartz sands and refractories for the glass industry. 2020-2021
4.7 Develop and approve new GOST standards for medical glass. 2020 year
4.8 Develop and approve new GOST standards for sheet glass, double-glazed windows, transparent and safe structures, curved glass and glass for transport. constantly
4.9 Transition to industry voluntary certification "GlassRegister". constantly
4.10 Submit proposals to the draft Supranational Law "FZ TR" On the safety of alcoholic beverages ". 2020 year
4.11 Approve new GOST standards for foam glass. 2020 year
4.12 To develop and approve new GOST standards for crushed glass foam and gravel. 2020 year
4.13 Introduce changes to the industry standard for the production of raw materials from cullet for glass factories. 2020 year
4.14 Work in the WPK WG under the Government of the Russian Federation. constantly
5.Innovative work to strengthen competitiveness
5.1 Introduction of import-substituting energy-saving technologies. Making additions to the ENIR. constantly
5.2 Transition to new conditions for obtaining energy through the energy exchange. constantly
5.3 Construction in Russia of 5 plants for the production of raw materials from cullet for glass factories. 2020-2025
5.4 Creation of an industry operator for the centralized distribution of raw materials produced from cullet for glass factories. 2019-2020
5.5 Acquisition of licenses of foreign companies, new technologies, innovative equipment. Design and implementation of modern technologies of domestic production into the technological process of glass melting. constantly
5.6 Systematic training of glass factories personnel in new technologies of modern production. constantly
5.7 Design and construction of modern energy-saving systems, including alternative energy. constantly
5.8 Constant industry control over the design quality of glass factories and the introduction of the latest generation machines and equipment into glass production. constantly
5.9 Design and construction of a modern plant for the production of foam glass, foam glass crushed stone and gravel on the territory of Russia (at the same time, to carry out intensive work to change the current legislation). 2020 - 2022
6. Investment policy
6.1 Explanatory work in the legislative and executive bodies of the Power on the influence of the modern Russian glass industry on the harmonious development of the macroeconomics of the Russian Federation. constantly
6.2 Creation of a positive image of the glass industry in Russia: media, advertising. constantly
6.3 Attraction of investments into the industry of at least 700 billion rubles. 2020 year
6.4 Explanatory work in the legislative and executive structures of the Government about the need for state financial incentives for enterprises for the active introduction of innovative technologies, the development of exports. constantly
6.5 Attraction of targeted, technical and concessional loans, cooperation with leasing companies and manufacturers of energy-efficient equipment to improve the efficiency of energy use. constantly
7.Information work
7.1 Improvement of work on the industry Portal GlassSoyuz of Russia, including the creation of modern, easily accessible conditions for users: industry specialists, consumers, governing bodies, the media, etc. constantly
7.2 Publication of textbooks for specialists, students, graduate students, consumers of glass products and an almanac of Russian glass industry enterprises. constantly
7.3 Publication of two collections of reports from international glass conferences for industry professionals, scientists, graduate students, students, consumers and interested companies. 2020 year
7.4 Ensure high-quality development, production and delivery of the information industry bulletin "StekloSouz of Russia" to members of the StekloSoyuz of Russia, research institutes, industry educational institutions, the media and interested companies - at least 4 times a month. constantly
7.5 Organize the Competition "Leader of the Glass Industry", publish the list of WINNERS in 2020 on the Portal, inform federal and regional authorities about the winners. Systematically inform consumers, at least once a month. 4st quarter of 2020
7.6 Quarterly summarize the results of the industry and report the results to the enterprises of the Association's members. quarterly
7.7 Organization of educational programs and advertising work on the use of glass industry products: new innovative types of glass products (foam glass, quartz glass, reflex, safe, anti-vandal, medical, lightweight, lighting, special glasses, technical, artistic, etc.) for specialists - consumers all industries, at the level of macroeconomics in Russia and in the media. constantly
7.8 To create conditions for enterprises wishing to publish the nomenclature of patented glass products, in order to bring them to the attention of consumers. Create a "Catalog of factories that have received the industry certificate of safety and quality" STEKLOREGISTER ". constantly
7.9 Systematically inform the heads of glass enterprises about the progress of the application of "Energy-saving technologies in the glass industry". constantly
7.10 Create an easily accessible page on the industry portal for the publication of unfair participants in the glass market (publish, after passing the legal procedure, through the industry Arbitration Court), a "black list". 4st quarter of 2020
7.11 Inform enterprises about the progress of the anti-crisis plan and the WG Programs by industry segment constantly
8. Analytical work
8.1 Recommend the heads of glass factories to regularly subscribe to the quarterly newsletter "State of the glass industry and related industries". constantly
8.2 Collection and analysis of performance indicators of production plants:

• glass and exclusive containers;

• quartz glass;

• high-quality tableware, crystal and glass art products;

• refractories;

• raw materials;

• glass with thermal protective coatings;

• construction and installation work;

• glass molds;

• machinery and equipment;

• foam glass;

• fiberglass mesh;

• glass reinforcement;

• plexiglass;

• foam glass crushed stone and gravel;

• double-glazed windows;

• lighting glass;

• medical glass;

• fiberglass;

• raw materials from cullet.

8.3 Forecasting the need for the construction of new glass factories for various types of glass and products, machinery, equipment, mining and processing plants and informing investors, federal and regional authorities constantly
8.4 Analysis of the technical condition of glass factories and their safety. Notifying the management and, in accordance with the concluded agreements, bringing to the attention of state supervisory authorities, about the need for major repairs:

• Technical re-equipment;

• Furnace repair.

8.5 The results of the analysis of the technical condition of the plants in the industry should be notified in writing to the territorial authorities. constantly
8.6 Collection and analysis of complaints from Unions and Associations - glass consumers, customers of design estimates, raw materials, machinery, equipment, construction and installation work, etc. Organization of joint meetings with the participation of factories that have committed violations in the quality of production. constantly
8.7 Issue of a collection of technical and economic indicators of glass factories. quarterly and for 2020
9. Industry program
9.1 System Analysis, Forecast for the implementation of the Russian Glass Industry Development Program until 2025. constantly
9.2 Systematic work on the analysis of the development of the Russian economy, together with the Anti-Crisis Headquarters and the Coordination Councils for the production of building materials and container products. Timely informing the management of the Russian glass industry enterprises about unfavorable forecasts in various industries at the level of the country's macroeconomics. constantly
9.3 Market marketing:

• quartz glass;

• glass containers, incl. exclusive;

• varietal tableware;

• medical glass;

• glass molds;

• sheet glass, incl. reflex and toned in the mass;

• tempered glass;

• double-glazed windows;

• transparent designs, safe and vandal-proof;

• lighting engineering;

• glass products for transport;

• glass products for furniture;

• foam glass;

• foam glass crushed stone and gravel;

• fiberglass;

• glass reinforcement;

• fiberglass mesh;

• raw materials: quartz sand, soda, dolomite, etc .;

• refractories;

• raw materials from cullet;

• crystal;

• art glass;

• machines, equipment.

9.4 Involvement of research institutes, design bureaus, industry media to participate in the implementation of the Industry Development Program until 2020. constantly
9.5 Monitoring the implementation of the industry development program for 2011-2020. constantly
9.6 Search for investments for the development of the industry. constantly
9.7 Regularly informing consumers about the work on the industry portal StekloSouz of Russia trading platform: nomenclature of glass products, raw materials, machinery, equipment and services, incl. on new types of glass and the sale of illiquid products by factories; constantly
9.8 To form a WG at TC 113 at Rosstandart. 2020 year
9.9 Organize cooperation with TC 144 "Building materials (products) and structures" constantly
10. Congress, exhibitions, conferences, seminars
10.1 Preparation and implementation of events within the framework of the 21st All-Russian Congress of Glass Industry Workers. 4st quarter of 2020
10.2 Preparations for the demonstration of the achievements of the global glass industry in 2022 at the International Industry Forum "Glass Expo - GlassExpo". constantly
10.3 Holding the 19th International Trade Fair "Glass Expo - GlassExpo - XXI", Moscow. November 2022
10.4 To hold the International Forum "Glass and Modern Technologies-XXI". The key topic of the event: "An innovative model for the development of the glass industry in modern economic conditions" 19.11.2020
10.5 Active work at the meetings of Expert Councils and working groups under the State Duma of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Construction, the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, the Russian Export Center for the Development of the Glass Industry and the FAS Russia on compliance with antimonopoly legislation. constantly
10.6 To organize seminars for specialists of manufacturers and consumers, together with the Ministry of Construction, the Institute of Construction Physics, the Technical Committees of "Rostekhregulirovanie" of the Russian Federation, on the safety and quality of glass, based on the development of the branch system of voluntary certification "StekloRegistr". quarterly
10.7 Conduct a round table, together with the heads of the RF Ministry of Energy, on problematic issues of the industry's transition to the Federal Energy Exchange. 1st half of 2020
10.8 Prepare for the participation of Russian glass industry enterprises at collective stands in International exhibitions:

- "Packing-2020" Moscow, Russia (January 28-January 31);

- "Domestic building materials" Moscow, Russia (January 29-January 31)

- "BATIMAT RUSSIA" Round table: "The use of glass in construction. Industrial processing of sheet glass, technologies, equipment, components and materials "Moscow, Russia (March 3-6)

- "GLASSTEC - 2020" Dusseldorf, Germany (October 20-23).

Take part in the organization of the Conference "Stekloprogress-XXI", Saratov

2020 year
10.9 To hold the Forum "Glass and Modern Technologies XXI" on the problems of introducing new technologies in the glass-making process, safe and energy-efficient glazing of objects of various functional significance.

19 November 2020

10.10 Conduct an annual meeting with the State Committee for the Regulation of the Alcohol Market and the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation on the stabilization of the glass container market. 2nd and 3rd quarter. Feb 2020
10.11 Together with the Union "Greenhouses of Russia" to hold a scientific seminar on the implementation of the program for the development of greenhouses in Russia, within the framework of the international exhibition "Greenhouses of Russia". 2st quarter of 2020
10.12 Conduct a series of systemic meetings of the Glass Expert Council on the following issues: implementation of the Federal Target Program "Strategy for the Development of the Building Materials Industry until 2025", technical re-equipment of the industry, protection of RIA, production of scientific and technical documentation, quality of design work, etc. quarterly
10.13 Develop a work plan in conjunction with universities and colleges on training for the glass industry. Together with the constituent entities of the Federation, glass factories and the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Education of the Russian Federation, hold a meeting on problematic topics. The task is to create clusters to improve the education system. 2st quarter of 2020
10.14 Conduct jointly with federal consumer unions of flat glass, quartz glass, glass containers, medical glass and other meetings to improve technological inter-industry cooperation. quarterly
10.15 Conduct a seminar jointly with experts from the ES, the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Natural Resources of the Russian Federation and other relevant government structures, with a view to making changes to the current legislation, on the problems of collecting and processing cullet.

In order to study the European experience, re-organize, together with the authorities, a visit to the state organization of Austria, Glass Recycling.

January 2020

3st quarter of 2020

10.16 Systematic work with financial institutions to attract investment in the development of the glass industry: production of various types of glass, products and raw materials. constantly
10.17 Conduct, together with the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, a seminar on the protection of intellectual property and legal conditions for the work of the Russian glass industry in the conditions of Russia's membership in the WTO. 2020 year
10.18 Scheduled meetings of the WG on the development of float glass production, industrial processing of glass, foam glass, quartz glass, glass containers, medical glass, etc. quarterly
11. Cooperation
11.1 Work under agreements on cooperation with federal public organizations - consumers of glass products. To conclude cooperation agreements with the newly formed Federal Unions - consumers of glass products. constantly
11.2 Permanent work within the framework of the membership of the StekloSouz of Russia in the World Glass Commission with full members of the said organization and agreements on cooperation with the StekloSouz of foreign countries. constantly
11.3 Joint activities with the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs to address issues of technical regulation and lawmaking at the level of macroeconomics in Russia, aimed at the development of the glass industry in Russia. constantly
11.4 Joint activities with the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation under a cooperation agreement. constantly
11.5 Constant work with the EC of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Russia on the development of industry in the Russian Federation. constantly
12. Business meetings, round tables
12.1 Targeted, business meetings with the heads of the Russian Export Center, the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Ministry of Economic Development, the Ministry of Construction and Housing and Communal Services, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Russia, Rospotrebnadzor, Rosalkogolregulirovaniya, Soyuzplodovoshchprom, Union of Brewers, Association of Russian Builders, Russian Union of Builders "," SPAP "," SVVR "," RSPP "," NTA "Spirtprom", "XUAR", "Russian Union of Dairy Industry Enterprises", etc. constantly
12.2 Organize meetings at the stands of the Association StekloSoyuz of Russia at exhibitions:

- "Packing-2020" Moscow, Russia (January 28-January 31);

- "BATIMAT RUSSIA" Moscow, Russia (March 3-6);

- "GLASSTEC - 2020" Dusseldorf, Germany (October 20-23) with the heads of the authorities, Associations, Science, Universities, Industry enterprises and consumers.

2020 year
12.3 Together with federal authorities and industry organizations, prepare and hold a round table and a business meeting of directors of enterprises - producers and consumers of glass within the framework of the BATIMAT RUSSIA exhibition. 1st quarter of 2020
12.4 Organization of a round table with the departments of specialized universities and leading factories on the preparation, distribution, retraining of specialists, the state of research activities in the industry, consideration of applications for the allocation of monetary resources from the fund for the payment of personal scholarships. 2020 year
12.5 Continue the practice of joint work with contracts, according to the formula: University - StekloSouz - Plant - young specialist and meetings with stakeholders. constantly
12.6 Training, together with the leaders of the Government, educational institutions and enterprises, the organization of vocational schools, for high-quality training for the glass industry. 2020 year
12.7 Organization and holding of round tables in specialized committees of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation. constantly
12.8 Organize Parliamentary hearings at the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation. 2020 year
13. General meeting, meeting of the Board of Directors
13.1 Holding the 21st Annual General Meeting-Congress. 19.11.2020
13.2 Meetings of the Presidium of the Union, the Board of Directors, the Anti-Crisis Headquarters, the Expert Council "Glass", WG (including extended). quarterly
14. Organization of office work
14.1 Development and drawing up of a nomenclature of cases. According to the Federal Law of the Russian Federation
14.2 Systematization and management of office work. constantly

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