Standing about membership

Committee of directors protocol #1
Of the 18th of February, 2003.

about membership of juridical and natural persons in the National United Council "Steklosouz"

1.Common standings.

The National United Council of the glass industry enterprises "Steklosouz" (from here Council) is created in accordance with Federal law "On nonprofit organizations" and its members can be both juridical and natural persons, admitted the Regulations of the Council, interested in its activity and paid in the proper fee.

2.Main tasks of the National United Council "Steklosouz".

Representation and protection of interests of the enterprises-participants of the Council in federal and regional authority and in mass media, creation of favourable conditions for funds attraction.

Promotion and coordination of the suggestions, made by Council participants, including the foreign-economic activity. Establishment of the contacts with foreign partners, technical cooperation, export development.

Creation of the glass industry unified information database, edition of the investment projects catalogue, holding of the investment competitions.

Participation in holding of tender commissions for state and regional delivery orders of the building and technical glass.

Organisation of symposiums, conferences, advertising campaigns by the Council description and collective stands at large traditional exhibitions, including the international exhibitions.

Branch product inspection, product certification and standartization meeting the requirements of international standards.

Creation of financial and industrial groups.

Financing and coordination of science and design projects of industrial significance, primarily in the field of ecology and safe labour in glass-making.

Legal, juridical and arbitral assistance of the Council participants.

Arbitration tribunal by approbation of the sides.

Assistance to the Council participants in decision of taxation disputes.

Support of educational institutions, graduating the specialists for glass industry; creation of the specialists database and assistance in their placing in a job.

Concern for pensioners.

3. Admission in the Council members.

3.1. Admission in the Council members is realized for attraction of juridical and natural persons for the Council activity.

3.2. Juridical of natural person, joining the Council members, has to hand in the written application and pay entrance fee.

3.3. Admission of the new member is carried out by the Committee of directors on the basis of the presented application addressed to the President of the Council, that represent the declarant on the nearest meeting of the Committee of directors.

3.4. Decision about admission is made by a majority of Committee of directors.

3.5. Rights of the member of the Council cannot be handed to third persons.

3.6. Leaving the membership is realized by presenting the written application. During two months after presenting of the application the Committee of directors has to decide the questions, concerned with leaving the Council.

4. Rights and duties of the Council member.

4.1. Members of the Council have the right to:

- Participate in the Council business management;
- Obtain the information about Council activity in determinate order;
- Leave the Council at their own discretion;
- Make suggestions on the agenda on the common meetings of the Council members;
- Apply to the Council for any questions, concerned with its activity.

4.2. Members of the Council have to:

- Observe the Regulations of the Council;
- Participate in the Councils activity;
- Pay in the annual membership fees in proper time;
- Give the information, required for decision of the questions, concerned with the Council activity.

4.3. The member of the Council, systematically neglecting his duties, can be expelled from the Council by the decision of the Committee of the directors.

4.4. Entrance and membership fees of the Council members are not returned.

5. Responsibility of the Council.

5.1. The Council is not liable for Councils members engagements.

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