Invitation to an international online conference

Invitation to an international online conference

On September 9, within the framework of the BIOT 2020 business program, the International Online Business Conference "PPE - Global Market Test 2020. It Was - It Was"

Organizer: Ministry of Labor of Russia and the Association of Developers, Manufacturers and Suppliers of Personal Protective Equipment (Association "SIZ").

Main themes:

- How did the Russian and global PPE markets survive the COVID 19 pandemic?

- What market share is currently occupied by gray producers and how to solve the global problem of low-quality and counterfeit products in the field of PPE?

- Key industry indicators since the beginning of the year;

- Supply and demand for PPE;

- Regulation, barriers, procurement, availability of raw materials and actions of raw material monopolies;

- PPE gray and black markets.

The conference will become part of the business program of the 24th International Specialized Exhibition "Safety and Labor Protection" (BIOT-2020), which will be held from 8 to 11 December in Moscow.

The conference will feature:

• heads of enterprises in the PPE industry;

• suppliers and consumers of technological equipment and materials;

• heads of the largest enterprises - consumers of PPE;

• analysts of the PPE market;

• experts in legal relations between business and the state;

• representatives of the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

As a result of the conference "PPE - Global Market Check 2020. It was - was," it is planned to develop and adopt specific proposals to optimize economic and financial processes in the PPE market for further effective prevention and prevention of emergencies and transfer them to specialized institutions and executive authorities for further implementation.

Participation in the conference is free. Registration on the website:

For participation, please contact:

Mob .: +7 915 107-80-80


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